This course encapsulates discourses on the emergence of The Apostolic Church Nigeria in the African religious space. The birth and metamorphosis of what is today known as The Apostolic Church, Nigeria had its cradle in the Christian Missionary Society efforts in Africa. It depicts the lucid understanding and intellectual strength of Africans on Christian spirituality and biblical doctrines. It further points to the ability of Africans to provide organizational leadership and contextualize Christianity without alluding to syncretism. This organisation describes Pentecostal movement in Africa as a unique emergence unconnected to the Azusa Pentecostal experience. The Apostolic Church Nigeria is one of the formative historical element of the nation from colonial to the post-colonial era. The Church has played a major in the spiritual decolonization of Nigeria and since been part of its post-colonial development. In this section course, the historical trajectory of the church and its participation in the globalization are examined. More so, the course examines the contributions to moral and economic development of the nation.