Introduction: Electronic  circuits; diode arrays PIAs etc.  Integrated circuits fabrication process.  Use of LSI and VLSI  IC”  hardware Design.  Primary and Secondary memories:  core memory, Magnetic devices; disks, tapes, video disks etc.  Peripheral devices: printers, CRT’s keyboard character recognition, Operational amplifiers:  Analog to digital and Digital to analog converter Analog computers.   The need for a PC building skill, The dos and don’ts in a computer laboratory and media units handling simple overview and identification of basic tools and computer hardware components in use. The chassis, Motherboard, Floppy Disk Drive, Hard Disk Drive, CD-ROM , Keyboard, Mouse, Video Card, Processors, Monitor, Memory (RAM);  Procedure for the setting up of a PC, setting up a typical maintenance workshop; Pulling a System apart , safety precautions  Diagnosis of common Faults.