Use of Library, Study Skills and ICT


Course Objective


This course is intended to improve students' academic performance by introducing them to the store house of knowledge-the library. It is designed to help the students explore and exploit the library to its fullest by acquiring the knowledge of library resources and services for holistic information search. The course is intended to further improve the students' level of proficiency and competence in the use of library in relation to research. It is designed to maximize the students` use of library which is the focal point for any meaningful research.

Consequently, on completion of this course, the student should:

1.0. Understand the meaning and scope of a library, and see the library as the nerve center for meaningful knowledge acquisition.

2.0. Appreciate the processing of library materials which helps to make for easy documentation and information retrieval.

3.0. Acquire the knowledge of how library resources are organised.

4.0. Acquire the knowledge of library/information skills for effective use or exploitation of library resources.