Course Objective

The Course intend to achieve the followings

Eco 326 is an advanced undergraduate course in monetary theory and policy. It aims to build on the material typically covered in intermediate macroeconomics and provide the student with an advanced understanding of monetary economics, including contemporary and historical monetary theory, central banking and monetary policy.
This course will investigate the origins and role of money, theories regarding the supply of and demand for money and the role of money in determining aggregate demand, output, prices and other key macroeconomic variables. The relationship between money, credit and debt will be emphasized. This course will also analyse the evolving role of central banking and views regarding the role and conduct of monetary policy, including recent and historical international policy actions.
ECON 1280 is designed for students with an excellent understanding of undergraduate macroeconomics and it will require considerable independent study outside of class.
Course Delivery

The course will be taught through two weekly lectures. Specific assigned reading will be provided for each section of the course. Most class time will be used for lectures, although problem sets may be discussed as time arises. The lecturer will be available for consultation during advertised office hours or by appointment