The emphasis will be the concepts of theory in the physical and social sciences, levels of theory. The features of theory in management and links between management theories and management models, practice of management conduct as a test of good management theory. Existing difficulties of developing useful management theory in Nigeria and other developing countries. Consideration of simple theories of management from the classic to modern time: for instance, the scientific management movement and the managerial behavioural movement. Theory x and y, the Grid approach, participation models and Management By Objectives. Quantitative and behavioural control models; testing specific theories and models in Nigeria. Practice in constructing management theories and models in Nigeria. practice in constructing management theories from the Nigerian socio- cultural experience of management extend family issues, to setting group conflicts, of securing productivity at work of maintaining control over the forces in the environment. Theories observable in the way Nigeria parastatals are being managed. Expatriates management approaches to work in Nigerian organisations. Criteria for locating bad management practices, and idea of how better management theories may be introduced in Nigerian organisations.