WEEK           TOPICS

1                               Regulatory framework for Accounting in Nigeria

                                  a)       The need for regulation

                                  b)      Sources of regulation

                                  c)      Objective of Financial Statements

2                               Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria (FRCN)

3                               IFRS Foundation

4                               Accounting Concepts.

IAS 1 general features relating to the presentation of financial statements

i)                    fair presentation and compliance with international standards

ii)                  going concern basis and accrual basis

iii)                Materiality and aggregation

iv)                Offsetting

v)                  Frequency of reporting

vi)                Comparative information

vii)              Consistency of presentation


5                               Bases of Accounting

i)                    Accrual basis

ii)                  Cash basis

iii)                Break up basis

6                               Statement of cash flows

7                               Statement of cash flows

8                               Earnings Per Share (EPS)

9                               Segment reporting

10                           Events after the reporting period

11                           Provisions, contingent liabilities and contingent assets

12                           Revenue from contracts with customers

13                           Revision

14                           Examinations