First Semester Courses Listed here

International public relations is a course that is meant to aquaiant the students with the technqiques of maintaining mutual understanding with the international publics. Organisations, especially multinational corporations must relate with international markets; they must must carry out campaigns, conduct research, etc. so as to win the goodwill of the publics. Thus, it covers the meaning of public relations, the meaning of international public relations, areas of international public relations, similarities between international and domestic public relations, international public relations duties and functions, publics of international public relations, international crisis management, international public relations agency, corporate image, corporate identity and international reputation management, planning international public relations campaigns, etc.

Introduction to Computer Science (CSC 111) will cover the following topics;

History of Computer and their generations. Over view of Computer Hardware and software, Operating System, Application Packages; Functional Components of Modern Computer, Characteristics of computer, I/O Units; problem solving, flow charts and algorithm and Program Development Program Objects, BASIC or Visual Basic Fundamentals, the internet, social, ethical and professional issues of computing software, internet piracy/Crime and computing techniques; Computer applications.

Lipid up and breakdown of major lipid compounds