Natural Products are any material produced by living organisms. The science of organic chemistry is known to originate from the study of natural products. Natural products are numerous and vary in their applications. The quest to gain mastery of the various biological activities of natural products from different organisms, has really helped over the years, in the discovery of useful medicines and also in other industrial applications. This course therefore, seeks to examine the origin, classifications, functions, extraction, synthesis, reactions and uses of natural products. More, importantly, current trends in natural products chemistry are also considered.

Chemistry is a unified discipline that deals with the study of the nature, properties, reactions and uses of matter considering the principles that control its behaviour. General chemistry as a course seeks to give a firm foundation for further studies related to chemistry. The first part was taken in the first semester. This second part seeks to x-ray some important topics in physical and organic chemistry. It is hoped that at the end of this course an in-depth understanding of the basic principles and practice in this area of chemistry would have been gained.

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